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Keeping You and Your Pet TOGETHER

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“Many people are experiencing challenges making them feel they might have to give their pet up. Here are some resources that could provide the help you need to keep your family together.”

Before giving up your pet, first consider help from these organizations who can offer help with food, and other low-cost or free services:

Fix Ur Pet Free Spay/Neuter for Galveston County residents.


League City Animal Care for info on wellness, spay/neuter, free or low-cost microchips, and Good Pup training.


LCAC Community Pet Pantry for free pet food and other supplies for the League City community.


GOPAH for a listing of Resources and Organizations that may help.


APA Human Animal Support Services for free or low-cost services for vet care, pet food pantries, temporary pet care and more.


Feline Assistance by LCPA for upcoming microchip and vaccination events and other help.

Re-homing Assistance

There is no place like home.


Our new program Home To Home gives people who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to drop pets off at the shelter. Pets go from one home into another.


"Rehoming a pet is often a heartbreaking decision to make and we have resources to help you find a good home for your pet."

Each of these options will help ensure that your pet will find a forever home by giving you tips and resources for advertising your pet and selecting the best adopter for your pet:

Home-Home and Adopt a Pet 

Petfinder, Best Friends, Best Friends, 

Pet Rehoming Texas City 

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