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Mandatory Spay/Neuter (MSN) Effectiveness

Many municipalities have implemented mandatory spay/neuter ordinance with very mixed results. The ASPCA recognizes that sterilization is currently the best method to reduce the intake and unnecessary killing of companion animals. However they say having low cost spay/neuter programs readily accessible to your community is more effective than MSN. Accessibility of services and cost are the primary barriers to spay/neuter surgery.

Municipalities should start by identifying the population segment that is disproportionately contributing to shelter intake and euthanasia. Recent research indicates that intake into shelters is greatest from areas where human poverty levels are high. As a result, a higher proportion of pets from impoverished communities are entering shelters. Once the community has the low cost spay/neuter service they should create programs and compelling incentives to have the surgery targeted to that population.

Empty Shelter Project Galveston County just formed and is raising money sterilize animals without cost to the pet owner. The plan is to bring a nonprofit Pop-Up Veterinarian Clinic to Hometown Heroe’s Park in League City March 14, 2020. Multiple vets will sterilize at least 500 dogs and cats. To do the sterilization event we must raise $35,000. For an average of just $70 per pet they will be sterilized, rabies vaccinated, microchipped, receive flea prevention, and a basic vaccination package. Reservations are required. Donations can be made at


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