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Behavioral Enrichment

A Catio allows the cats to safely go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The Catio overlooks a lush garden with plants specifically chosen used to attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It gives the cats vertical spaces to relax, reducing the stress and anxiety of living in a cage. This improves their health and adoptability. People can share the Catio and enjoy the cats interaction.

The Community Cat Room gives multiple cats a “cage less” living space and adopters can go in and interact with the cats.

The League City Shelter has multiple dog play yards. Dogs participate in the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Training teaching basic manners making them more desirable for adoption. Our volunteers were professionally trained by “Dogs Playing for Life” a national dog training organization. The extensive training enables those volunteers to train and Mentor new volunteers. Daily these volunteers conduct “Play Groups” where many dogs are playing together in a play yard. If dogs demonstrate the ability to get along with lots of other different dogs, it makes them more desirable and thus more adoptable.

Progressive new shelters understand the necessity to create a healthy environment for people and animals alike. The newest Heating and Cooling systems turn over the air in a shelter 15-20 times per hour (a rate unheard of in a home or office) This air circulation reduces airborne diseases like kennel cough and upper respiratory infections, and keeps our animals healthier. Shelters let the sun shine in since many germs and bacteria die in ultra violet light.


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